OneDrive: an easter egg into MS library - XSS on Microsoft and not only

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Website, web services or web apps continuously evolves to add new features for customers/users. That’s why a good hunter comes back and restart searching. That’s what happened when I noticed a new features on Vimeo (maybe it’s and old one for you but I’m not Vimeo addicted so it was the first time I saw it).

The feature

It’s possible to upload video from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box. I knew how Google Drive and Dropbox work so I decided to focus on OneDrive first and then Box. Vimeo’s dev self-hosted a so called OneDrive.min.js library subjected to a XSS attack. Written a poc, submitted the bug to Vimeo and then quitted.

Something I missed

Have you ever had that feeling? That’s why I reopened my laptop once back and googled these words: onedrive, microsoft, js. As first result I got this page:

It was late, as I said, and I was a bit tired so I didn’t noticed that Microsoft hosts different version of OneDrive library so I picked up the v7, and after few changes to vimeo poc the famous alert(document.domain) was executed on

How does it works?

And now, the interesting stuffs:

e.handleRedirect = function() {
    var t = p.readCurrentUrlParameters()
      , r = f.getWindowState()
      , n = t[i.PARAM_STATE];
    if (!n)
        return null ;
    a.logMessage("current state: " + n);
    n !== i.STATE_OPEN_POPUP || r.options || (r = JSON.parse(t[i.PARAM_SDK_STATE]));
    var s = r.options
      , d = r.optionsMode
      , h = c[d];
    s || o.throwError("missing options from serialized state");
        l.loginHint = null ;
        e.redirectToAADLogin(s, r, !0);
        return null
    var g = u.validateType(s.openInNewWindow, i.TYPE_BOOLEAN);
    g && e._displayOverlay();
    s.advanced && s.advanced.sharePointTenantPersonalUrl || o.throwError("advanced options is missing");
    switch (n) {
    case i.STATE_OPEN_POPUP:
        e.redirectToAADLogin(s, r);
    case i.STATE_AAD_LOGIN:
        e._handleAADLogin(t, s, h);
    case i.STATE_MSA_PICKER:
    case i.STATE_AAD_PICKER:
        var _ = {
            windowState: r,
            queryParameters: t
        a.logMessage("sending invoker response");
        if (!g)
            return _;
        o.throwError("invalid value for redirect state: " + n)
    return null

Once initialized, the code get params from GET query calling the readCurrentUrlParameters method and parse the content of calling getWindowState:

e.getWindowState = function() {
  return n.deserializeJSON( || "{}")

We can control both GET params and so we can pass to next step and see what the code does:

n = t[i.PARAM_STATE];
switch (n) {

The n param control the switch jump and there’s an interesting case (STATE_AAD_LOGIN).

  e._handleAADLogin(t, s, h);

e._handleAADLogin = function(t, r, n) {
  r.openInNewWindow || e._displayOverlay();
  r.advanced.accessToken = t[i.PARAM_ACCESS_TOKEN];
  if (r.sharePointTenantPersonalUrl)
      e._redirectToTenant(r, n, r.openInNewWindow);

e._redirectToTenant = function(t, r, n) {
  var a = function(i) {
      e.redirect(i, {
          picker: {
              accessLevel: n,
              selectionMode: a,
              viewType: o,
              filter: t.advanced.filter
          options: t,
          ODBParams: {
              p: "2"

  if (t.sharePointTenantPersonalUrl) {
      var l = t.advanced.sharePointTenantPersonalUrl;
  } else {

e.redirect = function(e, t, r) {
    void 0 === t && (t = null );
    void 0 === r && (r = null );
    t && f.setWindowState(t, r);

handleAADLogin call _redirectToTenant that call a(l) which falls into redirect method. Wow! There’s no check before _window.location.replace(e). We can trig a XSS with a simple payload.

All in one(drive)

And here you’re a simple poc:

Easter egg

While writing this post I noticed that Microsoft hosts other two OneDrive libraries (v5 and v6). After some checks I reported another XSS in v6 and discovered that v5 (the oldest one) is not affected.

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